DT, Westwood

Nina was recommended to us after purchasing our new home which was in desperate need of a facelift. I truly don’t know how I could have gotten through this process without her, as she was part of nearly every single decision that was made. from the beginning I was impressed by her professionalism and pleasant demeanor. Straight away she seemed to get a very good idea of What appealed to me aesthetically and worked hard to make sure that I was comfortable with all her choices. There were times when Nina suggested something I never would have thought of on my own, and every time I took her advice the outcome was amazing! Everything Nina touches seems to turn out beautifully and besides her creative flair she also offers a ton of practical guidance throughout the process! She has saved me over and over from major mistakes, That alone saved us a ton of money. I’ve found her to be extremely reliable and accessible which was huge for us! I can honestly say that We would have had a very different outcome during this renovation process had she not been involved. I was unsure about whether or not to use a designer and thank goodness I did because her outstanding design sense has really transformed our home!

SH, Newton

We have been working with Nina for over 2 years now, beginning in the early stages of a major construction project. Nina has been involved in the entire process, from: floor plans, kitchen design, tile selection, paint colors, roof selection, plumbing fixtures, countertops, doorknobs, cabinet hardware, floor stain, window treatments, furniture, accessory styling -- and the list goes on. She understands the challenges of having kids and pets and how family life intersects with making decisions (small examples include choosing a faucets with handles that are easy to clean and durable fabrics --- things I would not have necessarily thought about on my own). She's great at seeing the big picture and how all the pieces will eventually come together. Nina is respectful of budget concerns and also of personal items used in the design. Not only do we appreciate her design aesthetic, but also her patience, level-headedness, and practicality. We will definitely be working with her for a long time to come and look forward to it!

JW, Westwood

Nina Seed is a passionate and creative interior designer ..she is able to meet her clients design style with a flair only she can infuse that results in a truly stellar outcome. Nina also has a warm and understanding personality which truly makes her clients know that she is a partner to them through the triumphs and struggles of a home renovation. Having a competent and compassionate partner on my journey has made it so much more enjoyable. Her knowledge of the industry, attention to clients and constant availability are other things that make her so special. Do not hesitate to bring Nina into your home design project!

KH, Needham

Working with Nina has been a blast! My husband and I both work and have two kids, and we have been focused on making our new house into a home that we really love. Nina has saved us so much time by helping us to narrow down choices and make decisions quickly. She is so easy going and flexible and takes our feedback and input very seriously. We are so happy with how the rooms that Nina has worked on are looking. She has helped us to find items in our budget and guided us on where to spend and where to save. She has also brought in great folks to help get the job done (electrician, painter) as well as design partners for window treatments and art that really complement her perspective. We look forward to continuing to work with her over time.

MS, Westwood

My wife and I have used Nina to help in the build of our new apartment. Nina was wonderful at listening to our needs and helping to put together a space that we love being in! We couldn’t be happier. Nina offered a great deal of guidance in all areas of the project and we greatly appreciate her expertise!

TK, Westwood

Nina is an incredibly talented designer. Her style, a combination of sophisticated elegance & modern glamour, with a hint of the traditional is dazzling. She has given me such insight and guidance in designing many of the rooms in my house; from choosing wall color, furniture, art and rugs. I love how she presents her ideas on design boards too. Nina is always professional and willing to accommodate client budgets and/or time constraints. I will only use Nina for any design projects. She is a genius.

AF, Westwood

Due to our busy work and home schedules we we having difficulty even getting started on our project to renovate two bathrooms. That's when we turned to Nina. She has been incredible to work with. So much so that we enlisted her help on various other projects throughout our home. Her photos will show that her ideas are fresh and inspiring, however it is the attention to detail - from the way the knob on a drawer looks to the way a light hangs - that really sets her apart. In addition, Nina has a vast network of suppliers and other industry professionals in her portfolio. It is clear how much each of one of them enjoys working with her.

TA, Westwood

Nina is a visionary whose decorating ideas transformed our newly built addition from something ordinary to extraordinary. She has outstanding relationships with various contractors and design stores that made shopping an experience unlike something l have had in the past (so stress free). Her color and furniture recommendations for our study resulted in an elegant, inviting and feminine space, which is exactly what I was looking for. With regards to our living room, her color choices, furniture placement recommendations and close work with our contractor with regards to our wet bar resulted in an inviting, warm, spacious room that flows extremely well. It is the new favorite spot in our home. Nina makes your concerns, questions and requests a number one priority. Her response time is beyond timely and she constantly made herself available on short notice to stop by our home. I look forward to working with Nina to transform the rest of my home!

RBL, Architect

Nina and I collaborated recently on a client’s project. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The selection of items that she chose with the client worked wonderfully for the space and the architectural design. She is knowledgeable, professional, efficient, has excellent taste and is a great asset to any design project. I highly recommend.

KMC. Contractor

I have worked with Nina on her personal home projects as well as several projects for mutual clients. I find her ability to meld decor plans with construction details is unmatched. As a general contractor, its often the final touches such as lighting, paint colors, and cabinet and counter choices that can make or break a renovation. Nina has consistently defined spectacular outcomes in her work. High praise is due! She has my every confidence and highest recommendation.

RW, Westwood

Nina is the best decorator I have worked with in my 25+ years of home ownership. She is able to listen to clients, work creatively within budgetary constraints, and provide small scale and large scale help. Nina helped make our home more current and she has impeccable taste and style. Her advice on flooring, paint color choices, upholstery selection, and room styling has been spot-on. She is one of the best, and she is a pleasure to work with.

SH, Westwood

I have worked with Nina Seed Interiors for over a year on various projects throughout my home. The projects have ranged from finishing touches on partially finished spaces to complete design of entire rooms. There was one room in particular that started as an empty, unused space with an awkward layout. Nina came up with a complete concept for the room that transformed it into a space that is not only functional for the whole family but looks polished and put together. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, she has consistently delivered outstanding results. Nina is also incredibly easy to work with - responsive, incredibly organized and stays within budget!

AC, Westwood

What I love most about working with Nina is how flexible she is on our projects together. I've benefited from her services on several large projects such as our guest bath and powder room renovations. But, she has also been invaluable on several smaller hourly consultations where she her amazing eye for design and process has kept me on the right track, saving money on what might have been costly mistakes. Also, Nina is a lovely and fun person. I highly recommend NSI!

PC, Westwood

Working with Nina Seed was an amazing experience! She was a wonderful professional in every way! She always found a perfect balance between respecting my style and introducing new design elements that I would have never been able to put together on my own. Nina worked on a number of projects over the course of one year: from wall colors to tiles and stone selections, furniture purchase, lighting, art arrangement...she took care of all the details of my house construction. I was extremely impressed with her organizational skills, her timely work, and her ability to stay within budget. I loved that Nina was able to design in a practical way for my family's needs. I could not have asked for a better person for the job! I highly recommend her, and I would be happy to answer any questions about her work.

CC, Waban

Nina is amazing to work with! We enlisted her to help with our house renovations, including a master suite, bathrooms, living room, library, etc. She has a sophisticated, yet playful, eye and a real talent for tying everything together. I really appreciate her ability to mix more modern touches within our older home. She also has a wealth of knowledge about materials and many contacts in the area, which makes sourcing very efficient and seamless. On top of it all, she is a lovely person, so working with her is always fun. I would highly recommend Nina! We have loved working with her and plan to work with her on any future projects.

AF, Needham

This was our first major renovation (kitchen/mudroom) and we didn't know where to start. We called Nina in after the project was partially completed in order to help us pick stone, flooring and wall colors. Her input was transformative. I only wish I had contacted her in the planning stages of the project. Her sense of style is fresh and modern, her eye for detail is exceptional. Nina has a wealth of experience and practical advice that we didn't find in any of the other professionals working on our project. Nina worked within our budget and incorporated our vision and style into the plan. Nina is always professional and has a great working relationship with suppliers on a local and national level. Nina was never too busy to deal with our last minute requests or our many questions. She has a distinct knack for making you feel as though you are her most important client, even for the smallest detail. We look forward to working with her again someday!

SM, Newton

I've loved working with Nina. She is courteous, professional, prompt, has a beautiful eye and has really helped my vision come to life. We enlisted her to help with the many decisions facing us during a whole-house renovation. She is mindful of budget restrictions and helpful in determining where to save vs where to splurge. She has more than earned her fee!

JG, Westwood

We originally hired Nina to help us with a kitchen renovation, but continue to look to her for help after she has beautifully assisted us with the kitchen, a guest bed and bath, a sun porch, and a dining room. Our house has been transformed and we couldn’t be happier. Particularly impressive was Nina’s ability to understand our personal style, while making suggestions that nudged us outside of our comfort zone; ultimately achieving an outcome that exceeded our expectations. As much as we appreciate Nina’s design help, we were equally thankful for her attention to detail, responsiveness, and her willingness to help in any way possible to move the project along. We look forward to working with Nina again in the near future!

AB, Milton

Nina has been great to work with. See quickly understood our decorating style and lifestyle. She provided ideas to start the conversation and helped us refine those ideas until we ended up where we wanted to be. She encouraged us to go beyond our comfort zone and brought us ideas we never would have thought of on our own.

LS, Needham

Nina has assisted me with designing and renovating my kitchen, dining room and basement. She is practical and creative in her approach. She enhanced the ideas brought to the table by all the various trades. She has connections and relationships for all of the trades as well. Very organized and efficient as well!